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Make U Well Natural Rubber Teether

Make U Well Natural Rubber Teether
Make U Well Natural Rubber Teether
Natural Rubber Teethers for baby are made from the rubber tree Hevea brasiliensi, which is grown and sourced from Malaysia.
The protein that on rare occasions can provoke a latex allergy is removed from the rubber mass used for these teethers. This means, that there is no risk of latex allergy when using them.
All Natural Rubber Teethers are European Union (EU) certified in the areas of safety, health and environment.
When you buy a Natural Rubber Teether, you and your baby avoid:
* Allergy causing substances
* Artificial colour
* Cancer causing substances
* Hormone disturbing substances
* Chemical softeners
* Parabens, PVC and phthalates
The soft material of the Natural Rubber Teethers have several advantages:
* Hygienic and safe.
* Easy to grasp.
* Soft and soothing.
* Relieves discomfort during baby teething.
* Massages sore gums.
* 100% natural
* Environment friendly
The teether are very hygienic because they are molded in one piece, this means that there is no join or crack where dirt and bacteria can accumulate. The teats will slightly change colour during use, this is a normal feature of natural rubber.
The teethers should be boiled in water for 2 minutes before using for the first time. Afterwards they must be scalded on a daily basis. (Not in the dishwasher!)

The Natural Rubber product is a green product as it produced using a sustainable raw material, the tree sap from the rubber tree used in our soothers is grown and then made in Malyasia.
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