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Fruit Colour Pencils 12 Pack

Fruit Colour Pencils 12 Pack
Fruit Colour Pencils 12 Pack
Each pack of Wildlife Series Color Pencils includes 12 color pencils. The Wildlife Series Color Pencils feature 12 different animal designs, each representing a different color. Each pencil comes with its own distinctive, fun animal design; perfect for kids and art enthusiasts. Animals and colors contained in the set are – Turtle (green), Zebra (black), Parrot (red), Alligator (dark green), Leopard (yellow), Tiger (orange), Snake (light brown), Bear (dark brown), Kingfisher (blue), Starfish (pink), Hummingbird (light blue), and Marine Fish (purple). All made from recycled newspaper, say no to wood pencils and get your O'BON today. The newspaper protects the graphite better than wood pencils too, which translates to a longer-lasting, high quality pencil.
These beautiful pencils are non-toxic to European Standard EN-71 and are environmentally friendly, as they help to preserve our forests. Lasting 2 to 3 times longer than ordinary wood pencils O’BON pencils are well protected so that the lead doesn’t break easily.
The philosophy behind O'BON is simple: Take a common school item, such as a pencil, and turn it into something exciting, something special, something different. We strive to end the days when pencils came in bland colors, broke constantly and consumed valuable environmental resources.
Made from old newspaper, and manufactured in a variety of hip designs and colors, O'BON pencils are setting new standards for environmentally friendly and school trendy.
Smiles for your kids today, trees for your kids tomorrow.
A unique gift idea and back to school suprise!

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