Why Organics?

"Five of the top nine pesticides used on cotton in the U.S. (cyanide, dicofil, naled, propargite, and trifuralin) are KNOWN cancer-causing chemicals. All nine are classified by the U.S, EPA as Category 1 and 2 - the most dangerous chemicals." See more statistics at www.organiccotton.com.au

At Mudd Kids, we've researched and found the finest quality sustainable wardrobe for your child, without the expensive price tag.

Did you know that our skin is the largest organ of the human body? And our babies skin is five times thinner than our own?

Because traditional clothing is chemical dependant, with cotton full of pesticides and insecticides, it's wise that your baby's first clothes are chemical free. Choose from Organic Cotton, Soybean and Bamboo Clothing at Mudd Kids.

With the wide variety of chemicals used in growing and processing of conventional cotton (approximately 82 chemicals) these chemicals actually weaken the structure of the fibre. Organic Cotton, Soybean and Bamboo are therefore more durable and long-lasting.

These eco-friendly clothing lines may assist in the rising number of children suffering skin allergies and sensitivatity as they are chemical free.

Not only do these products feel good on our skin, it feels good as a consumer, to know we are supporting our environment.

Also, get back to nature with our range of children's toys, choose from Wooden, Organic Cotton and Handmade, as it's proven by the age of 3, a child recognizes more logo's than they do leaves off trees.

So what are you waiting for, help your little one grow up with a green influence, while looking after their health, you'll appreciate that, organic & fair trade products, don't cost the earth!

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